Online Summer School


Deadline for Registration is Friday, June 19, 2020 at NOON! 

Summer School Class Dates:

3 Credit Courses: July 6 - 21, 2020
5 Credit Courses: July 6 - 28, 2020

*Please note that your courses do not officially start until July 6, however you will be able to log in to your courses on July 2. This is extra time provided to you to ensure that any login issues are resolved prior to the July 6 start date.


Summer School Courses:

Students entering grade 10, 11 and 12 are eligible to take up to 10 credits (only 1 core course)

Core Subjects (5 credits each) 

English Language Arts:
English 10-1, 10-2
English 20-1, 20-2
English 30-1, 30-2  
Social Studies:
Social 10-1, 10-2
Social 20-1, 20-2
Social 30-1, 30-2
Math 15-5
Math 10 C/10-3 
Math 20-1, 20-2, 20-3
Math 30-1, 30-2, 30-3 
Math 31 
Science 10, 20, 30
Science 14, 24
Biology 20, 30
Chemistry 20, 30
Physics 20, 30 
Religious Education:
Religious Education 15, 25 (3 credits)
Religious Education 35 (5 credits)
Religions of the World 35 (5 credits)

Other Course Offerings 

CALM (5 credits)
Learning Strategies 15, 25 (3 credits)
Learning Strategies 35 (5 credits)
Chrome Academy (5 credits) (shipping charges may apply)
HCS 3000 (1 credit) Workplace Safety Systems 
HCS 3010 (1 credit) Workplace Safety Practices (prerequisite HCS3000)
Physical Education 10, 20, 30 (5 credits each)
Work Experience 15, 25, 35 (6 credit maximum)


Current or Former RDCRS Students

If you are a CURRENT OR FORMER RDCRS STUDENT, follow these directions to register:

  • PowerSchool Parent Portal. Use the username/password you were given (as a student or parent). If unsure, please contact your current school for this information.
  • If you are a former RDCRS student and do not remember your PowerSchool login, please contact St. Gabriel School for assistance. Your Powerschool information may need to be re-set.
  • Click SCHOOL ENGAGE (last button on the left side).
  • On the left sidebar, there is a tab called students. Click on the name of your child that you wish to register. C
  • Scroll down and find the 2020 St. Gabriel Summer School (Current & Former RDCRS Students Registration) form.
  • Click on the green NEW button
  • Use the arrows to move you from page to page and remember to hit SAVE and SUBMIT on the last page.

New RDCRS or Adult Students

If you are a NEW RDCRS or ADULT STUDENT, follow these directions to register:

  • Create NEW School Engage Account
  • You will then receive an email asking you to confirm your account. Confirm and then log in to School Engage.
  • Scroll down and find the 2020 St. Gabriel Summer School (New Students to RDCRS Registration) form.
  • Click on the green NEW button
  • ALL students need to upload their birth certificate. If your birth certificate is from outside of Canada, we require a Permanent Residence Card or Canadian Citizenship Card/Certificate. (Registrations without this information will be denied).
  • Use the arrows to move you from page to page and remember to hit SAVE and SUBMIT on the last page.

  • If you are a Mature Student (20 years of age or older as of September 1, 2019), you will be asked to submit payment for your course(s) at this point.

*You will be emailed the status of your registration within 4-5 business days. 

Frequently Asked Summer School Questions

I am going away on vacation, are the dates flexible?
No, the dates indicated above are strictly adhered to. If you are going away you will still be expected to log in and complete coursework. If your vacation destination does not have internet access you may not want to enroll in the course.

Do I have all summer to complete the course?
No, the dates indicated are strictly adhered to. Students must finish 3 credit courses and the 5 credit courses by the dates posted.

Can I do my school work at any time during the day?
We do advise that you are online during school hours (9:00am - 2:00pm), so you can seek assistance from teachers. However, you can complete work or submit assignments at any time during the day.

Is this online course going to be easy?
5 credit courses are completed in 3 weeks. As such, expect to be busy for at least 5 hours a day with school work. You will be as busy as a traditional school student who attends a regular school.

Will I receive transcripts and proof of course completion?
Marks will be available on PowerSchool throughout the course. At the end of the program in July, final grades will be sent to Alberta Education. All schools in the province of Alberta will have access to your online summer school grades when you return to your local school in September. By logging into your myPASS account at Alberta Education, you will be able to see your course mark after completion. In diploma courses you will be able to see your course mark, diploma exam mark and final mark once the exam has been graded.

Can I enroll at the St. Gabriel Learning Centre to complete high school?
Yes, if you’ve enjoyed our summer program, you can complete your entire high school program online with us.

I live in another province. Can I take a summer course?
Only Alberta residents are eligible and must have an Alberta Education Student Number (ASN) to register. 


NOTE: Any changes to August Diploma Exams due to COVID-19 will be posted.

ALL students who are writing a Diploma Exam must register themselves for the exam through MYPASS,

Students are responsible for getting permission from the designated writing location prior to July 2, 2020, Provincial Writing Centres

Don't forget to check the Exam Schedule for August.

Re-write Fees:

Re-write fees for all Diploma Exams are $25 plus GST, paid directly to Alberta Education through MyPass,

*Important Notice to students who have accessed Special Accommodations: If you are a student that has utilized special accommodations for exam writing under Alberta Education guidelines, please be advised that we are unable to provide these same provisions in our Summer School program, with the exception of additional time for a diploma exam. Summer School compresses a semester's worth of course material and requires the same amount of time or more from you outside of the instructional hours.